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Weakness and Collapse - additional vets comments

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Whenever you have a pet at home that you think is not themselves, if they become weak, lethargic, or even collapse, again, this is an emergency that you need to be contacting your vet about. It may not always be apparent what the cause is. It could be an underlying illness that they have not previously shown any signs of and now they are. It has gotten to the point where it is causing them to be weak. It may be that you know what has caused it if something has happened in the last day or so that is then having an effect and causing this weakness.

What you need to do as a first aider is to look at the vital signs of your dog and just assess how urgent you feel it is. And also then report those measurements, those signs, back to your vet. So, you want to be looking, if they are weak, you want to be checking their pulse. If they have a weak pulse or a slow pulse, then it gives you an idea of where that may be coming from. You want to be checking their temperatures and if they are cold, you need to be warming them up while you are getting them to the vet so that they are not getting worse before they get there. Check their hydration. So do a skin tent test and see if they look well-hydrated. Check their gums. Are they dry? Are the sticky? Are they pale? Look for their breathing. Are they having any breathing problems? Do you feel that they are getting enough oxygen?

All this information is really important for the vet so that when you arrive at the vet, they are prepared for what they may need to do for your pet. If they have collapsed, you need to make sure you can safely get them to your vet. And that may be that you need to then ask for some help to get them in the car, or in other situations where it is just impossible, if it is a very large dog and you are by yourself and you cannot get your collapsed dog to the vet, then it will be a situation where you need to phone your vet and they will need to come out to you.