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How Dogs Show Pain - Vets Comments

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There are lots of different things your pet may do if they are in pain. What this comes down to is knowing, again, what's normal for your pet, so that you can detect any abnormal things they are doing, and this could give you a clue that they may be uncomfortable or in pain. The most common signs of pain that we see would be whimpering, hiding away, because they just don't know what to do with themselves. They may tell you where the painful location is by licking at the site of the pain or constantly looking round to it. Maybe something like the ear is the source of the pain, they may shake their heads or try and rub it on the floor. Maybe if it's in their mouth, they may have excess dribbling or, again, rub their mouth along the floor. You might find they go off their food if they are in pain. They don't want to be in a certain position to eat their food the way it is or they are just not hungry because the pain is too much for them.

If it's a leg that's causing them pain, you might find that they hold it up. They may limp on it, that's another indication that it may be sore there. And they can be quite aggressive sometimes when they are in pain, especially if you try and find out where the source of the pain is and you hit the source of the pain. If that pain is very sudden, then they may turn around and bite you. Just be aware when you're doing a clinical examination of your pet, looking for the source of the pain, if you find it and they get a sudden pain from where you're touching, be very careful and be aware of the risk of being bitten by your pet if they suddenly feel that pain.