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Ear Problems

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Common Ear Problems in Pets: Causes and Treatment

Ear Infections

Ear problems are frequently encountered in pets, often manifesting as head-shaking or scratching:

  • Common Signs: Pets may display signs such as head-shaking or scratching at their ears.
  • Main Cause: Ear infections are the most common issue, often aggravated by factors like swimming.

Water in Ears

Excessive moisture in the ear canal can lead to bacterial breeding, causing painful infections:

  • Ear canals in dogs are narrow, providing a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive.
  • Infections can develop rapidly, resulting in significant discomfort for the pet.

Grass Seeds

During walks, pets may pick up grass seeds, leading to deep ear canal penetration:

  • Grass seeds can embed themselves in the ear canal, requiring veterinary removal.

Ear Tumours and Congenital Problems

Though rare, ear tumours and congenital issues may necessitate surgical intervention:

  • Ear tumours, when present, can be aggressive and require prompt attention.
  • Congenital ear problems may require surgical correction to alleviate symptoms.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Owners should seek veterinary care if they notice signs of ear problems, such as:

  • Scratching or head-shaking.
  • Unusual odours emanating from the ear.

Cats vs. Dogs

The causes of ear injuries differ between cats and dogs:

  • Cats: Ear injuries in cats are often the result of fights, leading to bleeding and potential infections.
  • Dogs: Dogs may sustain ear injuries from bush runs or sharp objects encountered during walks.